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Harpalium Y

Empowering progree


At Harpalium, we are the driving force behind two groundbreaking projects, ATLANTE and Forest Maker, that share our vision of a sustainable and inclusive future. As the mother company, we leverage our expertise and resources to empower these initiatives in their quest to make a tangible impact on our planet.

ATLANTE focuses on financial inclusion in refugee camps, like Kakuma, offering innovative solutions to foster economic resilience and self-reliance for displaced communities. Forest Maker, on the other hand, is dedicated to reforestation and ecosystem restoration, working closely with local communities in the Gran Chaco region to ensure a healthy and thriving environment.

By nurturing and supporting these transformative projects, Harpalium is actively shaping a better tomorrow for people and the planet. Explore our dynamic approach and learn how you can contribute to the positive change we seek to create. With your support, we can make our vision a reality.

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