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Harpalium Y

Empowering progress


Rennaissance: Pioneering Transformative Initiatives

We proudly serve as the bedrock for two revolutionary endeavors, ATLANTE and Forest Maker. Both are testimonies to our unwavering commitment to sculpting a future that resonates with sustainability and inclusivity.

  • ATLANTE: Our heart lies in championing financial empowerment, especially in the pivotal realms like refugee camps such as Kakuma. ATLANTE innovatively propels economic resilience and instills self-reliance within displaced societies. It's our beacon of hope for these communities, shining a path towards stability and prosperity.

  • Forest Maker: With a heartbeat echoing the rhythms of nature, Forest Maker is our solemn pledge to Mother Earth. Deeply entrenched in reforestation and the rejuvenation of ecosystems, we work hand-in-hand with the indigenous communities of the Gran Chaco region. Our collective dream? A verdant, flourishing, and balanced ecosystem.


As the driving force behind these monumental projects, Rennaissance isn't just planning a better future — we are meticulously building it. Dive deep into our holistic strategies and discover avenues through which you can amplify the positive ripple effects. Your involvement is the catalyst we need. Together, we can transmute vision into tangible, lasting reality.

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